The range is located off of West Memorial Drive in Dallas off of Cooper Hill Drive. Once you enter Cooper Hill Drive take the first left and then first right on Dallas Industrial Drive. The range is in the back. Parking will be in the first lot you see and the range is below it. There will be signs out on 92, 6 and 278.

The coordinates are 33° 55' 32.0"N 84° 52' 07.4"w. Click on the map below and it should lead you to an additional view on google and you can get directions from where you are coming from there.

You should be able to google Cooper Hill Drive and find it. You can also try Bagby Path in Dallas Ga as well. Call if you are having problems finding it. Thank you and see you there!!


Paulding County SO Training Facility

284 Dallas Industrial Drive, Dallas GA 30132
33° 55' 32.0"N 84° 52' 07.4"w
P: (770) 443-7630